I’m Co-director of Social Business Brokers CIC – a social business which aims to come up with creative ways to tackle complex social problems.  We’re best known for our Empty Homes Doctor service, which helps people to bring empty homes back into use in Leeds.

I started writing this blog around 10 years ago – and began mainly by writing about social enterprise.  But as the years have passed I’ve written about a much broader range of issues – all, in some way, related to how we can find ways to make the world we live in – and particularly the city I live in – Leeds –  a better place to live.

It goes without saying – but I suppose it has to be said – that the stuff I write on here is my opinion – not that of everyone else who’s involved in Social Business Brokers, or any other work I’m involved in.  If you want to chat more about stuff I write, either comment or say hello on Twitter – I’m @TheSocBiz.